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Advantage Chemicals has a reputation of thinking “Out Of The Box” when it comes to providing Chemical and Technical solutions combined with cost savings to our clients.

Environmentally friendly programs

for paint detackification

Conventional programs under the brand “ADcon”

  • Melamine and clay based detackifiers
  • Ready to dose and concentrated flocculants
  • Defoamers and biocides


Green programs under the brand “ADgreen”

Advantage Chemicals have joined in partnership with INWACO AB to develop and implement new environmentally friendly programs for paint detackification for the Industrial and Automotive paint systems and Waste Water systems.


Our ADgreen chemicals have already proven to reduce chemical usage up to 50% against our competitors existing chemical programs.

There is a strong drive in the industry to reduce environmental impact on:

  • Water consumption
  • Wastewater creation
  • Waste creation
  • Energy consumption
  • Chemical usage
  • Hazardous chemical usage
  • Cleaning works

ADgreen program includes:

  • Chloride-free detackifiers & coagulants
  • Formaldehyde-free detackifiers and coagulants
  • High performance special Bio-Polymer based detackifiers
    and coagulants
  • High performance special clay based detackifiers and coagulants
  • Water-based disepersion flocculants
  • Acrylamid-free flocculants
  • Mineral-oil-free defoamers
  • High performance non-dangerous cleaning and micro-bio control additives

If you would like to find out more, please contact us via email or call our specialist sales team on +44 (0)1684 561400.

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