November 2018 YTAB goes Green with our ADgreen® program Advantage Chemicals Ltd & INWACO AB welcomes Ytbehandlingsteknik i Näsum AB (YTAB), Näsum Sweden to our new ADgreen® environmentally friendly detackification program for their paint plant. The majority of YTAB’s customers are found in the global automotive industry - car manufacturers and their sub-suppliers. YTAB also provides painting services to manufacturers of home electronics, white goods, furniture. As of the 1st of November 2018, Advantage Chemicals has been rewarded supplier for YTAB using the ADgreen® Program. A partnership contract was signed for the next three years. YTAB is using the full Adgreen® portfolio including high performance melamine free bio-polymer based detackifiers, mineral oil free flocculants, mineral oil free Defoamers and biocide free micro-bio control additives.

Advantage Chemicals Ltd Project Development Manager,
Daas Jabbour & YTAB Managing Director, Ulrica Larsson

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Renault France !!!

Advantage Chemicals and Inwaco AB are proud to have our ADgreen Eco Friendly chemical program showcased on the Renault World Wide News website.

Let’s talk about “Ecolonomy”

A new program named “ADgreen” is currently being tested in the paint process at the Batilly plant. The idea is to add “totally green” products to the process water that washes through the venturi of paint booths: these additives are injected into the water circuit. Batilly is the first plant to test this process. The first results are very positive and should allow a significant reduction in the cost of cleaning the facilities.

Another Satisfied Customer!

Advantage Chemicals Ltd supply’s ADfloat SG System to Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe.


Advantage Chemicals Ltd – Mr Jo Mertens & Hitachi Production & Procurement Division Mr. Erwin De Pauw.

Advantage Chemicals & Renault France - partenariat parfait!

As of the 1st of July 2017 Advantage Chemicals been rewarded Tier 1 supplier for Renault France using the ADgreen Program.


We welcome  another Automotive OEM to our client portfolio.


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Advantage Chemicals Welcomes Plastic Omnium

Advantage Chemicals Ltd & Inwaco AB welcomes Plastic Omnium, Hlohovec Slovakia to our new ADgreen environmentally friendly detackification program for their Tier 1 Automotive paint plant.

Advantage Chemicals Ltd Managing Director,
Bill Schlechtweg & Plastic Omnium Paint Area Manager, Peter Lackovic.

Advantage Chemicals & INWACO

Advantage Chemicals have joined in partnership with INWACO AB to develop and implement new environmentally friendly programs for paint detackification for the Industrial and Automotive paint systems and Waste Water systems.

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Advantage Chemicals help Hitachi Slash Paint Shop Waste


A new chemical process that allows overspray sediment to float, rather than sink, has cut waste in Hitachi's heavy equipment paint shop by nearly 90%, according to Hitachi's Technical Director.

Hitachi Construction Machinery - Europe (HCME) has implemented Advantage Chemicals one of a kind process to reduce chemical waste generated during the painting process at it's factory in Amsterdam.

Advantage Chemical's process is expected to save Hitachi about €60,000 (about £47,500) a year in labour, energy and disposal costs.

Sink or Swim

Hitachi's former process used a classic sinking system, in which the overspray would sink or form sediment at the bottom of a pool of water beneath the paint facility. The process produced about 260 tons of paint waste per year.

Twice a year, Hitachi operatives had to clean the pool and remove the paint and water - a 'difficult and dirty' job that was also time consuming and costly, said HCME Production Engineering Manager Robin Huijsman, who is also Compliance Officer for Environmental Regulation.

The new process, developed by Advantage Chemicals, combines real-time CoAg (coagulation) systems with wastewater treatment systems. Instead of sinking, the paint is suspended in the water and pumped to a waste treatment tank.

"For this tank we asked Advantage Chemicals to develop a chemical that is able to remove the paint by making it float," said Huijsman. "The floating paint sludge is then skimmed off the top of the tank."

Cost, Health Benefits

The Advantage process, which began in December 2011, is expected to generate 30 tons of waste per year.

"We are delighted with the results of the new process," said Huijsman. "With the new system, Hitachi are able to remove the overspray paint from the water and reuse the water.


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Hitachi Construction Machinery - Europe (HCME) heavy equipment paint shop, Amsterdam.


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