Advantage offer a complete range of protective coatings to protect you spray booth in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. These products ensure:

  • Higher Light Efficiency in the spray booth
  • Less cleaning Time
  • Less usage of damaging and aggressive

In conclusion, a clean and a safe working environment for optimal productivity at minimal costs.

ADpeel ECOtec and ADtack ECOtec coating systems

ADpeel ECOtec peelable coating is a film forming water based coating, that when applied with ADUNIL-C gives maximum protection from paint overspray to your spray booth walls and doors. Quality virgin polymers ensure a strong easy to peel film with a good resistance to overspray. When the wall is contaminated, just spray on another layer of ADpeel to the wall, (Up to four applications within 12 months*), saving you time cleaning and re-applying and money in man hours. Available in titanium white to enhance the lighting output in the spray booth or a transparent to keep your natural colour to your booth.


ADUNIL-C is a calcium lubricant that when mixed with thinners forms an excellent undercoat for the use of ADpeel ECOtec Protection and an easy release agent when removal is required. 100% silicone free and does not contain harmful materials.


* number of applications and time period is based on light contamination on spray booth walls and may need changing sooner than specified.

Play on the video to see how our ADpeel Ecotec system works

If you would like to find out more, please contact us via email or call our specialist sales team on +44 (0)1684 561400.

ADtack ECOtec coating is a transparent, adhesive water based coating for the temporary protection of booth walls, flash off areas, lights and windows against overspray and swirling dust. It is easy and quickly to apply with no dry time is required.

It is Inflammable, free of solvents and holds it adhesive intensity keeps up to 85°C. easy to remove with hot water or use in conjunction with ADpeel ECOtec coating for removal where water is not available.



ADmask is a plasticized floor protection roll to protect spray booth floors against paint overspray, dust and other contaminates. ADmask is flexible and durable with thickness of +/- 0.25mm. Resistant against solvents, water and many more liquids.

Available in a 60m2 roll.


ADmask Premium is the same as ADmask but with a premium thickness of 300gr/m2 and an aluminium layer for optimum protection.

Available in 75m2 roll.



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