Advantage Chemicals have a range of tack rags manufactured from natural cotton, or from synthetic materials depending on the end use. Plus a superior cleaning wipe for times when water is not available.

ADwipes & ADrag Tack Cloth Solutions

ADwipes – W1 is a multi-functional wet wipe for any workplace or service vehicle where water is unavailable.

A strong hydroknit sheet, saturated in an Advantage cleaning agent that removes most substances from hands, tools and most surfaces.

Professional cleaning dangerous chemicals, running water, soap and paper.

150 wipes in a resealable bucket that prevents dehydration.

ADrag Ultra is a high quality unbleached cotton rag, impregnated with a non-drying synthetic resin making the ADrag Ultra soft and easy to wipe even at low temperatures.

Dust Retention:

Level of Impregnation:

ADrag Hydro consists of 100% tear resistant, lint free polyester threads tightly knitted into a dense cloth, impregnated with a hydro-polyester resin. It is anti-static, robust and has clean room quality properties.

Dust Retention:

Level of Impregnation:

ADrag GSI is the ultimate in tack cloth technology. With a unique, evenly waved elastic treads pucker the fabric into regular folds and impregnated with a special non-drying synthetic resin gives this cloth an extremely high dust retention.

Dust Retention:

Level of Impregnation:

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